Discovering Me


bi-RACE ….

Someone inspired me and said ‘I’ was the shyt,, I inspired myself,, I  noticed my will.. n acted on.
So I play with words n rave order to reach the mind..
I believe u can only truly reach the mind with thought, boggled thoughts..
In your mind I need you to paint a picture, ur own picture..
I ask that u read to urself to decorate, makes a design.  if aloud, ur mind: no registration
rainy dayz fade away when read within..
lets try to play now..
….lover took the place of a brother..
couldn’t quite fuc.
fuck my lover,, never attach the bloodline of my heart
connection causes call for emergency surgery..
Keep it cool,,,played only on the mind
no tears, no colors, no strings..
Im going to the club: talking tooo.. URSELF …
Not-a-soul will return an answer of NOOOO..
due the hell what u want, when u want Until the cry from an ultimate reign,, says Nooo
only “shim” shall u heed warning.. ‘whenever that comes’
solo lo.. is what it is..
No offspring for ur accountability…
Ages 7 n up held accountable,, so what if::
The spiteful return of on hi  is pass 7 years…
the little lamb is hell bound,, 7-10 times worse than u.
YY would u accept such a voluntary sentence,, fr ur own blood
its all n ur hands..
Stop n literally think, to the extent, literally
analyize thee most negative outcome that could possibly alter lyfes route
shake it fast,, but watch ur self
no one, repeat, No one but ur own within, not u, but ur own within,… ur heart
gives a shyt…..
no mama, no daddy, bro, sis, granny,,
handle ur own,,no one else shalll
I’ve played ,,not much,,  but the visual is present
for thee mind to c, that I, thee great is the shyt..
can literally ween minds of many to spontaneous bliss of reality..
n seconds of a glimpse, of a phrase
I am the future,, I am literally genius, I am able
say it to ur self:  im not shyt,, i wont ever be shyt,,  I’ve Switched
turn off the lights n drift into ur own world of ur own shyt,,
speak of craziness n ur mind will transform to thoughts not of this world.. 
eternally u will be challenged n every aspect of lyfe,, u then may call on ur lifeline support,, n gain spiritual n mental balance..
can’t do it on ur own,, need help,,
Help Wanted.. 
ClockWork at a X ta-C mart ,, I.D. for Marlboro Lights, seventy-twos.. ,,if u get a chance..
Never if possible, an applicable, I.D. minors for boose or a 1-nite stay + room&tax…
..they must Live to know ‘or’ Know to live..
edge ridden riders will never fall off but stay riding on the edge an u will eventually roll over, ,,,
u’ve challenged the natural powers of this cracked world..Karma, will bite ur ass as is..
here came that crazy shit,, didn’t think it would come, but did..
To end, we shall ponder hard … now¿¿..
Don’t go to college until ur 25,, u need a 7 year tour to challenge ur forsaken early year abilities for an easier lyfe ,,, on ur own knowledge… don’t need those fuckers..
never did,, it’s a coconut margarita’s way of slipping into a prison cell of an inmate doing 13 yrs for walking under the influence n Scottsdale, AZ… blocked neighborhoods, since 666….lites out never,,, will always be a brite lite valley
So…. I need a light,    S.
Quote Author unknown yet thee shyt


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