‘New Rave Order’

Inspiration: one day I was talking to this dude, he believed there is no ‘coming of Christ’ and the world will continue to go on and on and on.  I  angrily  thought  otherwise,


Yes, I’d like to order thee. . .

‘Grey Blackened

Chicken,’  …this includes::

Aqua rave reigns

Alpha forecasts leads: Gold wings..

Proved witnessed insomnia

Truly thee Age has  risen above..

Individual million minds shall give a

Billion scripts n a trillion theory’s..

Weakened mind? No  …individual

Spiritual persona?   Wee, j’taime!

N all shall grasp strands n ryde

One window, 4 cylinders, 1 tat:

Electric blue up n da lites…

Negation able in place of GOD but not

..of the son nor the holy Spirit.

Slipped down strands 1-57,, caught a

Nap.. resolution: cut-a-nap. . .

Preview Presented ‘New rave Order”

I am he, as well as I do   Right .. light

Green lettuce, smoked chick bits..

All n harms way towards thee

Ultimatum …bright guns n heavy roses

Hell do u go? Lost forever?

WhoNThe fuck knows…

One cracker gave reign to his own,,n

Christianity towards enslaved

Incomparable boat drawn nigro’s..said

To be a weakly power..

While on lands sand thee greater Silk

Priests kettled Catholicism.

Who, what, n whose wholly ligit? If we

All wrong.. where r we going

Any hopes for the deadly bones 6ft

Whereas the living, walking deadly..

Our savior etched a prophecy n ones

R too believe and sacrifice n sacred


Who, repeatedly, who has written,

Who has instilled,?                Mother…

Told genuinely generations after

Multitudes before bald points n


Penetrate ur souls desire ,,,it just may

Not justify …     Or

May u heed ur mummys motives

Directly fresh to u.. worry not of

Confusious blab..whatsoever has

Dragged,druged, n yanked yee  go..

No twice thoughts ,,, mind over

Matter, yield to terms of territory as

They smack the shyt outside of u..

Still plants will grow for red cadillacs

Till we get to the ‘made believe’ other

Side,,, ‘said’ to be flowing of milk n

Honey .. honestly..

Not bow down ,, not by my mite,,,

Not “the law of GOD” ..who?..

Tainted minds, tailored thoughts , ,

No hope for thousands..

My mind has switched.. I’d like to

Order the Rainbow trout”  buttered n

Seared n jac daniels ‘git it how u live’

Campaign provided sauce,, on the side

Please         me for the remaining dayz of

These pathetic pits of S.    uh oh,,,

Whose that??

Hesitant,,,    He IS REAL   ize it.

I’m sorry,…. Sir may I have a Too Go”




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