No Justice…in the beginning

 8 ways toThee americän Reign


The bald eagle for justice is pure white(cursed) ..

My freedom was paid A.D.’s ago

Who shall yee be to place I behind ass  an tax my second reign of lifes everlasting disgusting therapy… 

I’m a nudest living n a textile world”

Made, formed, n shapened in my desired likeness

N Gods detail…switch

Never ur own,,always a slave … To society n ur barbers cut     throat

A mere I can….is sufficient enough for coconut crackers…lick their toes crack n neck heed the warning of inequaity   n u’ll never pay twice…

Fucking sad…      yea

Blue white n red shook hands with on hi for complete destruction… Now u must pay…

Fuc ur will ur way ur bod…ur ass is trashed more so n a bowl of pissed tissue..charmin ultra perhaps

Quote” ponder” ur actions,  how may thoust doeth something so bling bling tiny, n haveth theory of mind over matter, create ThEE GREATEST COTOSTROPHY…simple phsyics

plea guilty to S.atans rodent-house-sir

Enter thru the side doors” with the brunette assistant   receive sentence ..n please remove all hats, sunglasses, n turn off all cell phones

The only charco pellet relayed….

Relevant instructions given but only from a higher vanilla glaze to add sweet serenity to a powdered dough.

Thee saints who’ve stood on higher groundwork n fallen short to the glory of justice shall be brought to exhile ..

Yee shall face ur own ass n be charged 3 times ur original bargain.. Then thou shalt c U the destrUction of U the wicked…. U ..

blue, white, red, were robbed souls

Furthermore  you’ll tackle survival tactics religiously daily …

If only u stay down the way..n completely Willing at Gun point …

-quote”author complexed n unknown

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