Help Him

S.o s….the element is gemini..


Serenity. Over. Sucked . …. . . .

  1. original sins

lyfe has leaked …. now.. come down

Once again, for the 3rd time…

First I fucked up’,,,then my flesh of a rose,: death arose ……

N now to cherry red the top… My flesh of a descendant… Has fallen short to the bottom less pit of S.  …

Is this just a silly game,, that we must fuck….

No matter how, how deep u go….fact remains  u’ve gone… The return is un-date-able..

WhoS. fucking knows…

pray, cry, try, die… Once the route has been asterisked,, ur ass has assumed a Hastings  of a battle  with goods n S.    

Forever how long u will struggle n overall battle ..with possession ..forever n a year ur harvest will collide

Ur drawer shall come up short,,,

Ur shoe won’t fit…u’ve fucked

Totally totals out… A negative balance.

yyyyyyyyyyy u know… knowledge  known  given decade after years,  8.

Oldest generation  in house… Balanced middle sibling.. rite in ur shyt face….

U should  know,,,fuck, u know….

Now the joy.. my last angel of my world,,, is n Sodom.. Rules: Turn now for a salty pillar..

Fucking turned,,, walking salt shaker now,,,, for whos. Knows how long..

I commend u peace of shyt,,,,u fucking got’m,,,have a fucking fully loaded  party…. Order: ranges of ”he was hi as sshhiitt” n ”he had a beer” take ur pic.

Baby come on now,,,we were supposed to inspire,, now WE not doin shyt but getting hi-er   shyting…

Error detected… Uh not too accurate according to my records…u spat down on this particular shyt path…n blabbed bad,, …go bac..go bac..    U don’t want this particular RAVE party      got u down.

What a bitch would do to grab bac..

,Lay the pipes for generations to cum

So I freakin frequently apologize ,,,

to suppress…

When it hurt so Bad,,it doesn’t feel so good anymore. Shyt use to feel good.

Not dis….. Luscious, Ruby, load sucking gobble fuck-me-hard wherever, whenever type trick shyt…….

I have never…appalled … It tis”

U c…., C hard now, c torn n confused ..ur down,, its creeping n like ‘2shots’ n the nite     club’s …. Uve been completely waisted n ultimately  used…the lyfe which was  once…

” I use to love it,, but now I don’t..

I dearly use to love’m,, but now I don’t…S.

Heed me, please me, my last angel beware the false  motives of others….., the one’s that cum off to be like  rave bros…

hmm  primes like Cain n abel ,, Jesus n judas….

An additional solvers way of saying….  please, n

The meantime forgive them father…

recall ur dayz in the New Jerusalem,  give mercy to ur chosen drawn tribe

multiply mercy more manually, excessively ,, eventually elements equate … A gemini twin, twice


alast My angel, I know its hard,,, but never remain who u r….switch source secrets

……u c how eazy….S. ….jis did it…

Love lauryn,


p.s. ‘ tell’m I love’m ,, tell’m I need’m ‘

-quote author unknown but gained


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