A Dream: Simplified


there n conscious, I layed
clears Day,, the signs from: celestial
mother alive, chic birthd a baby
n oh my bff… strung out   on??
An all White composition from her mac compact
    Stained, charred lips…Black
To be lucid with such colors   suggest u need
Be more objective in formulating your decisions.
   ,may be a little too yielding in your thought process
And thus need to bring some sort of calm
Between two.Pisces,
cuz without cease u chase ur own tail, til’ geriatric
……being it is as it may ……nex nite
I was n the presence of my ruby love (never did:)
      Things were hot ruby.. I received 2 flat tires
N  oh   now   the dead progenitor.. Alive n on guard
To dawn upon her offspring her angelic prudence
yet thru a diamond stud.. b/t her phalanges
that fell out ????
its said to say  ..To see broken jewelry signifies
disappointment in achieving your goals and
attaining your highest desires.
To even foreknow.. shares a value within
Yourself or within others in which  you admire
And cherish.
 yet of course I suppose pleasure, riches, ambition,
and Spiritual Protection/  n O her soul loved Jesus’
coherent n every way.. I arose with malice
zzzzz from my blessed nightmare,
I proceeded to help myself to a double shot
Stimulant, from my barista
Then I tred along the lake..   my mind O’..
Had I touched toe on hells boundaries
Please conclude n bring justice to my mode.
…. Ur wellspring was made crystal to enlighten ur
Wide path u’ve so chosen to detour down since
Pisces 08’.
Do not abstract the blueprint on which thou was
Born..Absentminded n careless on thou journey….
The toils of the blue n green globe have no
Position.  Disperse the gospel n guard thy temple.
Follow his law n his love… “No branch can bear
Fruit by itself; it must remain n the vine. Neither
Can u bear fruit unless u remain n me. . Apart
From me u can do nothing” J.15:4
Could I have possibly forgotten that his ways r
Perfect n his law gives “light to the eyes”n”joy to
the heart”P.19:8
but thru the son to the father we r pardoned r
ways n r stripes made red.. giving We yet another
fate to infinite life….
…..is ‘the gospel’     to the world……
So n rapid advancement n modes unforeseen
Create n me a pure heart, renew n me a
spirit, and grant me ur Holy Spirit in order to
teach transgressors ur ways P.51:10
Now close ur eyes n rest tonite
zzzzz n to ur white feathers n
kiss me Pink
Quote author unknown yet zzzz

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