Daily Quotes


The sun went down
I know u know the sun goes down about 8
So y am I still n the bed
N the dark
Still tired, still sad…
Its shower time,
Time to prepare for another day
Time to live,
Time to forget today.
That day 11yrs ago (ripmom)n 10 years ago(ripash).
Y is it still this day…
N always feeling like yesterdAy too!
Y is still soo sad to me
I wanted to get to know them more
Who 1 was, n who one would become…
God- the do-er of “good”, the
          “allow-er” of evil.
The disconnection and effect of maternal death on offspring
FINDINGS: “If a family experiences a maternal death, that family has a 55.0% increased odds of experiencing the loss of a child less than 12, whereas when a non maternal death occurs, no increased odds exists. When children of cases were compared to children of controls, mean weight z-scores were the same for the periods corresponding to before and after the maternal deaths. After a maternal death, dosage of BCG (Bacillus Calmette-Guerin) TB (tuberculosis) immunization for the surviving child is significantly lower, as are dosage of measles immunization and the first dose of vitamin A.”
CONCLUSIONS: This study shows that a maternal death significantly effects the survival of children in a family in a greater way than a non maternal death.

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