Boondocks Slums


Dear God,

I cant wait for this shyt to be ovr

I cant do this alone,

It seems so ma n pa

N im a franchise

Directions steer soo wrong

Y so unbearable

i get sooo fed up

like I get comfy n then I peer thru

n realize, “Ur a Slave”

a slave to society

brought n thought years ago

to be calld “Work”

day in n out, u must

all the supposed days of ur life!

I’d rather be a rose peddler for

Hakeem n Semi..  n America!lol

The traditional task of fate

Soo played out,    like a “has-been”

U cut them off after while,

To set prepare for the new, fresh

Could there be another way to continue

Y hasn’t the script flippd

Maybe cuz its still the same damn actors

Or screen writer hmmm

New scene, new era thou 

If a new movie could only debut

Starring fresh faces…

Wipe out the originals

Custom mold the new artist

With a creative streak as such

“I c her movin far into r company”

Discuss the possibilities of major disaster 1st!

Cuz its comn,

It hit hard before n it shall again!

A tubal float can suffice. . .

But a row boat is what I need

For my sac n me…

I wannna blow for life…..

If that stuff was never pickd n sacd

Me n real playas global … would jump!

Off a ledge .. . . .

Tis’ true again,

Those elite brothas hav got it goin on again

Here I am on global melt……

N these silver spoon ass fukrs

Toke’n  it upppp!

Dear santa,

U r a bitch!

Scratch that

Dear Santa,

U r a bitch asssss fukr!

Kiss asss n long liv Helll!

A pause would definitely be askin for too much

Sooo don’t bother

Don’t get up out ur seat

For the 3rd world countries,

The starving children

The pre-aids born babies,

The pedophiles poke’n, chilln

Rapist n killers livn’ it up!

The incest infested fams

Etc… u know what the deal is”

Who’s ur Bosss? Can I speak with him?

Jus whatever come bac n get us when u want

To end my letter to the pole of the north master

U gon pay what u owe!


Jus call me when u ready to get crackn’

No happy face….

Jus a happy upside down



U lost


Forever… to thee end

Die, becuz im tired of the ritual

No new script given

ur losing ur brightest performer

Cuz the cast n lines never changed!

Uve gone thru A to Z…

N now bac agin to A ….

Or maybe not,

Do we need new letters

So thou saga can continue?


An everlastingly out burst

To be heard thru the great wallll of China…..

As a silent monk returns to his monastery

Of noo sex n nooo booze


As the water breaks,

N ur rushed thru the doors

Push push push, breath

Agree to the epidural

Hike up that gown,

Now pushhhh

N hope it doesn’t poop in u

Cuz u’ll both die!

Truth is stranger than science fiction

explore the implications of these new findings

according to the fingerprint of God

cuz soon Children will be forced to submit to ‘naked’

im jus a paranormal investigator,

searchn for that door ….


Area 51’


–quote author unknown n outermost



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