Tooth Fairy


I finally found out what it is with DTown
It’s hollow.
………Where the stars fell on, it sits above,
N close to the sky…
How ridiculous is that
All this time Id been stuck in a hole,
How id always felt….
Like I couldn’t get out
I needed a rope or a ladder,
All this time…
I sit n stare
The patrons r of difference this way
They wait n lines
To govern there mochas
No matter the length
Or the cost
Pediatric n youth
An observer, I am
A voyager  ive become
9hrs  a gypsy trots
Up n thru the lites
To a whole from before..
Once stuck, got out, now bac
A stopover thou not a resident*
A visit to sell apart of me
Hard measures called
Soo a procedure I must carry
Thou I don’t want to, I must
Got deadlines,
That wont go away..
The road has a toll
N I hav no legal standings
No barrier of safety
Choices,  taken
Used  n screwed
Now  I mu$t pay
N hav not the means
I did ask:
Oh please thou canst make a way,
That I might not be lead bac
To the subterranean of
Destruction n no choice’
To me ive made it out
Now to be lowered bacccc ugggh
Sooo happy the blood flows
From within n from day to day,
It will never loose its power’
Mercy,   with no stench
…I say ur buzy, I say ur not here
I say ur tending to the
“one world government” n “ antichrist leaders”!
U hav not the time for specs
Yet’ again, I was wrong
Along the way u tread with mee,
Safe am I,
“U say ur more than life to me,
U r the joy n air I breath,
No other lover shall there be,
That makes my spirit sang”
Oh lord, hold me close don’t let me go
Ur the only friend I’lll ever Know,
That is y I luv u soooooo
More than blood to meeee”
Quote author unknown yet living ? ?

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