Urban Dictionary: go Dutch

Can we go Dutch?

How do you love someone who doesn’t love you?
The same?
How do you stay in a relationship an you don’t love?
The same?,
Always a question ?
Is it me??
Are they not big enough??
You’re my everything, so where r u?
Where is your love?
I hav to sense it , can I  c it?
This hurts.. How r you??
Can I feel safe in u??
Love lost??
Soo far away, my distant lover, y?
I don’t even need this, must I??
A query, every line, y?
Ur gone , n I already know the answer  ??
But see this is real tuff, I need you  ??
I look into your eyes and I see me,
Do u c me??
I don’t wallow,
But im stuck
   Muddy pastures,
No grip
N its in all my steps,
Admit it,
A secure yet anxious attachment
Inconsistent childhood??
Parents in an out??
   (Psychology: What’s wrong with me??)
Odiously I walk away, head down, shoulders back
Pads, lots of Pads
Cuz im slouching and im leaking
Im trying to hold on, I am
But ive run out of $$$…
$$ that I had to buy batteries
For  a clock to tic,
For the time with you Ive also run out of..
N ultimately, above all
Ive run out of questions ??? ?? ?
So a statement, in substitute
Go fuk Urself!!             …………..
Til the light shines n I c ur face
N I can ask ??s again:
Who r u?

–Quote author unknown reborn

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