–Bold Rootsuk…… . . . ….
A chapter of mine chapel made ghost n closed
hence, fresh from the air ways at the dawns earliest rise..3:43
Minutes can carry along, afar
lyfe may     begins notice,,
His mouth opened historicals
Highly sensitive on mine ear,,
”not the same theory, as u my love”
I never wanted to hurt u.. I led u alongside mine transparent bloodsuking shoe…  No I did not care..not for real..
same bloody emotion,,never switched.
. .ur ass finally bought a knife n cut thru..u idiot
never noticed…. Y ¿ ?
u held on to self…did not let go, to on hi..   u consequently ..drifted….n too a self repeated literal fantasy Rave…u built a scenerio on shook’d surface … try’d rebuilding n
 x-tab……   x-actly…impossible …
Who wouldn’t take part…  All x-spence payed…
One rule only…U must ACT along …
One problem only…U were a shity actor…
All that humbug… nites after months
Ur eyes were cocked, u only blinded the truth,  from u…
LOrd forgive me…myne black heart..
Behold my visual ….
‘not once were u worth anything other,
Than Destiny ..the whore u came n ãs
don’t forget x time, dudes aint shyt..
nor positive connected blood,
hold on  n  u might be ne  X Ta C
-quote author closed, pm shift

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