Waterboarding Trial



A quest, a legacy.

An endless battle

A fight between good n evil,

A traditional endowment 

A heirloom…

Made possible by r ancestors. 

This parallelism of worlds..

The spiritual & the physical.

They float above us, you know ..

Like animals ..n prey

… seeking whom he may devour “

Susceptible to the weak, that are 

Receptive to the ..week long struggle.

Those impressionable junkies of evil ..

Get u while ur down,

Digging holes ..

N then lift u up.. with the impersonation of good😒

“Im so lifted, im soo confused”

Is it you lord”!?

… r u blessing me?”

…did you just lift me up to higher ground!?”

Are you strong enough to know the difference…..

Human wisdom vs. Spirit Wisdom..

The only thing that separates these 2 worlds is vision.. the unseen in the spirit dimension..

Passage is only made possible by spiritual insight..

Spiritual gifts.. 

the passage way for the ability to walk in the spirit..


…to hear what is being said in the “Room” next door..

…the other realm.. dimension… sphere..

And Paul prayed for the Ephesians-“that the eyes of their Hearts may be enlightened”

…In this close sphere is the authority of evil,

N the authority of good

You choose n give authority to ur choice..

Then the work of protection will begin

But from which source do u choose..

Do you even know of these worlds, of these odds..

The parallel,

The requirements..

What you got going on in your physical!?

Are you on top!?Accomplished?renowned?

Did u gain it all, n loose ur soul?

Did they tell u how amazing it was? 

Are U fighting for that seat in the front?

Hey you! 👆🏼The huff n buff of the physical got u down?!

What was up there in the front? Did you get your seat?

Was it fun?


… if u only knew


.. u have gained the wrong world.. u hav given the wrong one The Authority”

That physical realm with lights n battery packs included..is only for a moment..

It is the home to your human body..

it last as long as the human body will allow

.. the average life span of a human is 70yrs old


.. but oooh to live forever…..

..for my spirit to live on….. 

the soul

The ethos

The essence 

.. of me     ….forever

This quest is in the parallel of the physical..

The world unseen

The world masked to visitors 

No tourist allowed, only survivors

.. will understand 

Recognize..n apprehend

Appreciate..n believe

Again in a letter to the Ephesians,

Surrounded by prison walls..

Paul wrote-

Put on the full armour ..

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, 

against the authorities, 

against the powers of this dark world 

against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms>>the spirit world 

There is a war going on..

Encompassed of all that ever was, and is

Comprised of all the great battles..

From the beginning,

Until now!

The war is not just for land, or food, or flock, or religion, or idols, or..

It is for the harvest of the world,

Human spirits,

The essence,

The substance.

The inside of the law is the spirit,

The spirit of the holy one.

This law is the essence for mankind.

“We all have a right of passage”

There is no pre determination..

Just choice,

N chance..

after chance..

Given to those who believe ..

Believe in that green grass over yonder’

Believe in the coming of christ/

Or the coming of self enlightenment..

That other side of the brain

That other eye opened👁.

In this sphere, this spirit nation

The portal to immorality..

We shall live forever







We shall know of r present life, 

But not of the former, or lives to come.

But we shall live! In the spirit.

R passion n faith grow weary..

Yet we still endure, we still stand

Because pain is just an old friend..

I know you!…hows it going?!

Ur not new to me..

Uve distressed my life before

Ur like an ache..

Comes and goes..

N when u go..it is then that I am made strong..

So, again,

I know you!

And im busy right now.. 

deep-seated and building muscle!

“Quiet! Be still!”

..Come bac latr, n try again”!


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