Butane Beauty

I sit n I c A beauty
I wonder where her love can go
It hasn’t been to anyone but blood.
her look has no question ?
yet her route has speculation
do they c what I c ?
is her beauty from within to the surface …
y wont they trace her,
uncover her hidden account
I know u c her…..
A past living placed corruption for today
An early sanity robbery
2 separate wholes inhaled addiction
Obsession …. N habit ….
No connection to the beings >>didn’t even no him
Continuing on with no correlation to the nex
Comfort level rising so hi  >> to the one nite stanzas
“Thank u, Call u if I need u!”
Its said: to enter a body, a fuse is made n u become one
Alll aboard!! ………n Spirits transfer
Sooo if the nite is ur first meet n greet
N u don’t know a middle initial
The spirit which comes forth   so hastily
Joins ur juvenile cells  n taints what was once…
…N what was to be!
Now here u r an unpaid whore’
Named Marymaxwilliamchrisjason etc. Smith
Ultimately ur prospect has been damaged
Ur early years fortuned ur loveless nites
N now u struggle n move violently
Because within is no longer yours …..
Every one dude after the nex will be identical
No abiding ties jus a nite or 2
They will caress hug n kiss u
Maybe even whisper a rapLoveline or 2
Hell! Y wouldn’t u shower ur Precious CUBBY hole
With love n affection….
They need a grip!
I need the truth! Hard!
They don’t care, n neither do I
At least until 2 yrs bac when a heart struck!
Me a separated bloodless soul
N a Pissing Junkie …..
Brought me out of the darkness n into the nite
Yet a lite shown thru
n channeled me to the quest of a genuine existence
to the edge of nite n day.. I lay
query still arising
can I do this? Do I hav a chance?
Or did I really screw myself?
I was jus soooo Young………
Too infantile
For her to die     or her to die…
N too immature
for her to do it herself! ashame:<
My element An Air believed to be outermost of all
A rising of Water said to be weaker
N finally my moon an Earth- some core, some strength …
All alleged only to say…
I cry,  aloud n in a box
Hurt only for self corruption . .
Irreversible, I try to believe
Yet correction can only proceed
Precedent dates can never return,
As product with No Receipt will state….
Sad to say …. No Theory for this clause my love
I have not the answer
Cuz I sit in its belly….
Jumbled in chaos
The undertaking of something for the 1st time…
Transitive verb: “In the Beginning I fukd up!”
‘couldn’t even explain how awful it was.’
Jus to be negative…
the business began as a two-person operation
N love will always be a 2way stop
Made for 2wheeled cars
At a 2day stay
On 2weeks notice
Of today’s sequel …..
A prelude of certainty-
“Ur downs will fortune ur future
An opportunity will play on black keys untouched
N that calendar day will forever allow u a rest..
Its comn , its promised
Apprehend who lovd u 1st n now
N a definitive, state-of-the-art approved
Flesh,  I guess, will seek n find u”!
Like stated once ‘IDK’ ….
Optimism flares my wings
Change styles
Unconsciously Eat less
N bow down to futuristic handguns
There skills improved to killlll
N lay u down to a myth ….
Jus wait
Finger to ur lip    shhhhhhush
–Quote author unknown n on hold


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