What is Written

Red Bird ……

Choice Awards

Open mic nite

This work will be established

Positive tips r future thoughts

Past n immediate teachings r behind

Determine soon, equate time

Evening Entrée’s will now evolve

Ur lust fulfilled

Has something clicked?

Years after renegade after immovable dayz,

That one’s success is indeed central   key    main    essential

Life alters to determine an individual success

Black  & Blue eyes in the night,

Shot in the day,

Auto-immune failure by winter

ER doors Never reached

Stunt u? Si! keep U? Oui! free U? Yes!

Molding is done accordingly,

Ur shapes n stunts r wringing n the new

Doesn’t ever stop!

U went west n then left

Sorcery struck!,      it had to..

Revising ur path

Giving forth a new corridor

Now south u tread,

Head down, eyez closed

Just a screw up!

Thoughts jus made fire

Burn’d a whole into the next sphere

Ahhhh mmmm smell the land

But look, out here on the terrace . .

A gap In the wind,    u C? …..

A moment earned:

A peek of hope

A thrust of drive

A Damn Break!

“Wooossaaa!” As Jenna brushed her slit bangs to the side,

And dramtically exhaled!… “bout’ damn time!”

‘A Break’ shouldn’t be at the top of every wish list

Rather,-          ‘4 Things to do before I die’                            



                                     ~~~~ ~~~ ~~

                                    ~~~~ ~~ love!

Nothing more relevant than livin’!

…..  ,My dear when that  glimpse appears

Grab me n apply me quick

The moment will Not be there long

        , don’t wait til the nex Age…

Keep it on ur mind, Write it down

Let it last as long as it can Mesh:>

The Girl who lost her Mum..    peep jus came thru,

Shes breathing in her success n pasting them on her mirrors,

They’ve been placed on the door handles,

Shoved n the glove compartment

N soon to be on the wheel….

Oh this day!…..

Now, if u would, follow me down this hall….

Id like to show u to ur new quarters

N make known to u ur latest Itinerary’…

Nothings changed! Except ur serotonin n PH..

Balanced now,

Thou’  ,this path has always been here

U’ve only finally decided to stride it! Genius’

I know, I know… ‘its been hard’    :< ……

Now after the pains reign, n

Mutterings not of this world!

Ur Drive is Manual n in 6th gear

U cant even stop, I think its got ur wheel now!

   ….The joy of your calamity,

The fortune of such choices,

All carved in stone a century n a decade back,

All fixed

 So with out further or do I’d like to announce

This years winner…….

….n the award goes to

Former globe nominee

‘Deaf By Temptation’


An impressive achievement.

Now be U, Exultant

–Quote author unknown yet in conquest

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