Present-day undertones

 Denotation of contemporary stay

I don’t cry, tears fall

This hurts, but ill liv’

..Fuking now for a seed

Soo sad.

Y couldn’t u jus luv me

Was love really that lost?

 y couldn’t you just luv me

like you should?

I guess it was lost,,

What do I do’?

The time, the time

Will there ever be that one

Ur not that one,

Just a lay.

Soo disheartening


2 decades and 6 scores

No knight, no shiny armor

Is this for one of a kind??

If soo,

I understand my denial

Admittance for the original

On hold until eternity….

Hopelessness. Misery… To desperation..

Ok, understandable

Explicable too

A gem, a treasure

Never to expedite

Such trivial humane practices

For I am not of this sphere

So how can u further advance in me?

For what do I cry for then??

my celestial  crusade has not yet come..

Yeah, that’s right an Entourage’,

comn strapped and FOR ME!

All that I need

All that I can say

Is waaaaait for it’….

In the night, so u may c the light

Soo bright

Soo sweet

A gentle men

All that I can say….

(sing) “Doooo dooooo doooo doo do do dooo…”

…or whatever…..i guesss….ugggghhhh

–Quote author unknown & whatever’

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