United Airlines

..blah blah blah ..flight 666 now boarding …

and still I..

Still I waited patient

the sun never rose, still setting from the zone before…

look’n at an old view n a new light…

Sadly I wear my head down n shame, guilt, n why not… Fear   too

Fearful of my clearly mysterious fate

Groaning n painful stench of continual sin.. why??

A question Never n lifes history to Ever Ever be answer    me damnit….

Meditate on control of never being satisfied or complied with, the day will forever come to haunt u.

U think ‘its all good’  only  ur not shit, theirs a lot of u, what’s making u hot now….

We have only half the theory of truth, order a 6in sub, hold the tomatoes please.. really we need $3.00 plus for an eternal foot long, extra vinegar n oil please..

Keep ur lamp burning, go get a refill for grief… lucifer said, ‘satan’ wants u to ponder ur result …”what makes u so different y can’t u be n the Rav lights, y didnt   SHE   reach the hospitals sliding doors” 

ur mindful still,, the answer Will never b announced…not ever

Pour out ur health to the valleys stream

Y y y….u have endured so long for ur urgent reign of greatness….

Its all so bad yeah…Only for u to relate to the next… Come all yee who r heavy labored n I will give u rest…roll the stone bac, survey ur people n marry the king…n then serve ur people

There ain’t no other way

U can’t have what u want …it will cost at least a dollar n some change

That minute will bye u some time while ur timid ultimate purpose lands n Trinidads Heathered dãwn where ur aircraft will only be living for u…

–quote author unknown

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