Warped Global Data

Global warp

(We’ve got it all wrong)

 Havent been sooo zzzz since 93’

Inclusive Alterations.

Crazy presumptions crossed shallow once,

Now speculation is bottomless!

Oh had prayd the day

The game would lay down.

Can’t play forever

Ur disposition must settle n swallow love!.     Sit!

At one point in time,

Perhaps a fault of mine

Principally, he was told …. “chill out yo’”

“I like it when they don’t like me” …..but do! …?k

Greater is he who can sustain

N soo he did ………

Yet still givin a blanket n sleeves J

Brisk busted winters translate:snug

N soo hot chocolate and creams tickle r lips,

To only open access to a new desire,

A castle n the sky;

Flight of the imagination

Fancy me now my half man horse &carriage ?

For on the day after today,


My Aquatic love, may be jus a moment n time..

Theres no cure,

Jus romantically numb

Like   “I feel weird”

Sooo it sails …. Until it trims …..

Thru out the concrete affair

Of hunt & seek

Longing of only love

No matter the shape or unseen presence

The charisma n allure would at last bestow.. . . .

Dayz n minutes turn to hours n months

Still no feel, still no heat

Yet, at ones notice, ……..         light bulb!!! . …….

AM(morning)  I awake,

at noon I still breath  . .  . .

come nitefall my bed receives. . . . . .

my belly is on incline,

ears hear prophecy

my mane grows silky

drizzle, flurry, breeze     Im at ease

under my roof

on the blvd, secure leads

n the lower grounds stay below,

they receive me not,  never calling my name….

as it clicks at last

I suffer not, n have not

Cuz his love constraints me,

N I ask not.

From alpha to date

The long for ruby red suffocation had come

N for soo long

My image of refuge, Tainted!

By secular souls              n creatures

Running round tamed to society

Mental pic only of las weeks #1 hit lullaby

A shame to know ill-advised clips

Hazed such a vague impression,

Of authentic, valid passion.

A divine gift,

Given me.

Corners searched, cracks revealed

Me, lookin for actual skin

Surpassing the greatest love of all

Now I look no further      ,to heat of a being’

Eyez have no rain

Nights hold no ghost,

Consciously aware of crimson ease

It meets me n the morning

And falls on by nite . .

Never will I doubt or seek

For I know his love constraints me

N soon after comprehension sticks

To who loved u 1st

A flesh-like love lands

Superb ground, n remarkable weather . . . . .

Thank u for flying ‘scarlet AIR’

Where only n America drive-up ATMs have brail lol

Quote author unknown yet luv’d

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