Check Point: Human Needs

March 3, 2011

The single most vital species on this planet; Humans, we make the world go round… but what about our needs?   Every day it seems like we are aiming to meet our needs…  take the kids to school, empty the trash, cook dinner, etc.., but are we really meeting our needs entirely or just superficially to the materialism of the day?  I believe the task of Human needs goes deeper into the mind, and if not carefully sought after and dissected the results can cause a life long struggle of confusion and misery.  Abraham ‘Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs’ (1943), is a theory that presents ‘levels of human needs and their magnitude’.  At first glimpse, I questioned his formation but after reviewing it carefully and weighing various probabilities I was able to grasp his concept of actual ‘ levels’ of human needs.  As I reviewed the needs from least to high, I noticed the flow of formation is like a ‘teenager turn young adult’.  As we grow, we advance to not only a higher level of knowledge but acceptance with-in ourselves (becoming one with oneself), like a graduation; a carry-on to greater insight (self –realization).  Personally, I feel the most challenging is self-actualization; reaching my fullest potential.  Over the past few years (my prime years) I have endured a countless amount of mishaps, stabbing and stunting me from every which way.  As I fall, every time I get back up it’s with a new theory (because I’m one for change) its like I can’t stop searching for truth (self-realization), my body may, but my mind won’t.  I know this level can be achieved because of the natural inhabitation of pre-modified ‘Self-Will’ in the human body.  Therefore, the will is there…. misplaced? No.  out-of-place? Maybe. Restricted? No.  Unrestricted? Yes! Lets Get it!


Huitt, W. (2007). Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Educational Psychology Interactive. Valdosta, GA: Valdosta State University. Retrieved from:

–Quote Author Unknown but within reach

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