An ancient secret




I’m lookn for an Onomatopoeia,

      A word to describe me exhaling,

      Breathing                          ….

Falling, however standing


Is it free falling?   Hmmm,

Knowledge of descending,  ey??

Familiar with this plunge?,

     Thou a flight attendant,

     (I don’t get it)

As if assisting the fall

     Prep’d and equipped..

A frequent flyer , I’d say,

     Love the industry much?…

…Treading a path marked for quick sand

Yet you’ve been to the Sahara before,

In fact you went in 08’ for the first time,

      Poor gurll didn’t see it coming (sob)..

Furthermore, another camel ride in 09’ (sniffle)..

At a standstill with the same travel agent??

       (I don’t get it)

I know ur parts are still intact

N you made it up & out.. a survivor

But Damn!,  Woooh …


YOU’ve ReturNeD..

 Under false pretense U say..


A bogus brochure..

     Into treachery…

Soo Yes! I made plans for a trip,

Yeah I packed my bags,

 However, I did not know of this itinerary/

This foe ..

Perhaps further West than my original tours/


In addition, the trip guide,

Jay McInerney, from “Bright Lights, Big City”(1984),

Said:”You are not the kind of guy who would be at a

place like this at this time of the morning. But here

you are, and you cannot say that the terrain is entirely

 unfamiliar, although the details are fuzzy.

.. My God was he right…

n those were the Opening Lines….

..Perceive now….        observe,

There is no third person

On the other hand,

A symphony from me…

You see, I fell standing,

I knew of a fall

Not this light, loose, and moistened sand(quick),

Just a typical wolf clothed, with fangs; visual,

Never of my breed,

One  let-in, despite,

A comrade..

Loves Jesus,

A Quaker….

Sooo since were in the desert,

And Ive landed on my feet

Better than ever,

And in good health

(despite this brown discharge eeeeww) ..

Beheading at the dunes

For U my friend,

Sooon @ 8*…….hehe.

Now bac to the city:

Surpass and excel Nephilims,

N their parts..  hehe

Switch advisors,

Master voyages and head- East,

To the Light,

For frequent southWest  flyers, shall in due course die…

Nevertheless, Embrace thee true Indian Guru,

The ancient sacred truth:

‘Initial  human  sexual behavior..’

     THEE greatest lessons of Love,

An act;

      Not wholly a feeling,

     ‘mi amore vole fe yah’….,

Soo upon etymology applied

Thus perception:

    an engagement; exploit

‘Aphorisms on Love’

Not jus the ‘Greatest Sex ever’, fool

      upon Ur label reads: Courtesan’

      move aside >>> to the dunes. . hehe

Take heed…

 Alas,    loook … ME,  in a Prominent position

In harmony with my fuse,

    Ordained by the most highest,

    n sealed by the law….

She sits with raised thighs,

 Her feet placed either side of your waist;

“linga” (his piece) enters “yoni” (her part);

 He rains hard blows upon her body:

this is “Kshudgaga” (Striking)

Mmmmm (mmm!)

–quote author unknown yet applying ‘secret’














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