Assignment: Motivation and Emotion

March 6, 2011

Instinct is one of the original approaches to the explanation of motivation, simply stating

that each individual was born with a distinctive nature in order to subsist.  This factoring

approach on motivation allows individual forces to be directed accordingly to one’s

particular (predestined) path.  The Drive-reduction approach to motivation implies that

the body force or energy is aroused and driven by the natural biological needs of the

body.  This view is broken down and affects the body through primary and secondary

drives.  The primary drive is aroused by the biological necessities of the body like eating,

sleeping, and drinking.  The secondary drive is motivational tension in which past

experience and/or learning brings about needs.  The Arousal approach to motivation is

the certain level of excitement or activity a person tries to achieve and/or maintain.  This

particular approach varies from person to person, so the affects can waiver according to

each individual and their level of excitement.  The Incentive approach appeals to the

external drives of individual human maintenance.  This approach affects the external

drives, appealing to the maintenance of the five senses.  A cognitive approach to

motivation is simply one’s personal thoughts, hope, and ambitions.  I believe this

approach affects motivation in a more personal and detailed way, everyone is inspired

by different things this approach is the individuality of motivation.  The five emotions

are Love, Joy, Anger, Sadness, and Fear.  The positive emotion I relate to is writing my

literacy…the joy of actually being a part of my personal countenance, and belonging to

something constructive.  Every day that I log-in, review, and/or post a lit piece, I am taken

over by a sense of joy (to be heard, to express, where I see fit).  This allows me the

motivation I need to not only complete my daily moves, but complete them honestly (and

stay loyal per the circumstances). A negative emotion I would relate to being a human

would be “Fear”, fear of failing.  Everyone wants to win, no one wants to flunk, but as the

weeks carry on into semesters I am constantly hit with reality that this is hard work and

the drive to succeed is looking foggy.  Therefore, such views instill the sense of fear in

me, as well as others who naturally are covered with this emotion from time to time.

Although all the approaches would probably benefit, the cognitive approach seems to

relate with my ambition more head-on.  I am a type of person who must go through the

fire for my trial and/or error, this approach allows me to be in control of my motivation.

Personal observation of past knowledge and activities will allow me to suppress these

recognizable emotions and possibly overcome, because due to life’s everlasting

alterations the fire is beginning to look familiar, and it is Hot!

–quote author totally educated, BS & MS

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