Exclusively for licensed professionals

Licensed Manic Photographer


And Vogue ….

Gretchen!   I need u to work with me  

… it hurts


what do u mean it hurts..

couldn’t possibly, not this shit hole of an Environmental wasting

this place is great.. i mean shit ..

u can get a gallon of motor fuel for only $4.00,

u get only about $200 taken from ur shity check, bi-weekly, for taxes

u can get pregnant at 12…

u can plead insanity, n get off n a murder trial……….

what the hell r u talking about man,, this place is great.marvelous

yesterday my mood swung,, to the darkside

i’m a b-i-t-c-h- and some polar odds

they, the docs, say i have moderate depression..

my mom said never believe…

trick ur mind, thats what they do to us

tell urself NO.. i’m not depressed.. NO i don’t have cancer n last but the least  NO..im not dead,,

don’t let anybody tell u difference

in ur minds ur physical n mental educated suppliers,, tell of a chemical imbalance in ur brain that causes the mind to think otherwise .. n there u have it…

ur diagnostic: is Manic Depression

off to the looney bin…. ha ha ha ha …ha

maybe u have a social anxiety type depression… prescribed now… the #1 doctor prescribed brand of its kind….ZOLOFT,, with only little side effects…..

possible heart failure, fatigue, leaking ass, no social skills for 90 days, n of course possible death…..that’s all,,  nothing to worry about now DR.dick

or maybe ur born alongside the North bi-polar… also known as Manic-depressive illness,, a very serious illness mind fucking over half of America today….causing a swift switch n moods daily, hourly, n by the minute… who knows? …me


this is all bullshit.Hummbug…. u & I just hate whatever the hell is going on..right now!

n can’t deal with it.. an overload,, cups fuller..

for instance.. work.. ur underpayed, overworked, underestimated, overall  …. either or is causing ur imbalance shit… not ur body n ur born with it..

these fuckers have screwd u

from overly hi and irritable…to sad n hopeless…..n then bac again … round round n circles like an X-Rave bash…rollin rounder

these shift changes r called Episodes…episodes of mania and depression…

Just pick a diagnostic n label urself,, u’ll love it,   koolest move to make while re-visiting Asia

Surprise!!…”some mental illnesses also carry an increased risk for suicides”

in stores now “To kill urself,,,101ways” pick it up now,,, don’t want to stress u out even more, with ur mind already pondering a little too hard to find ways.. so use S. services,,heres a quote”

A small 2inch, by width, leather belt… anything larger may not grip the proper arteries, n the hanger rack might give way…. ….. also…. only one more free-b…

crush up at least a full bottle of aspirin n snort half n lace the rest n 3 brown rolled thingy’s ….  u’ll suddenly pass out n drift off to the other side…

“Welcome”…….they shall  say..”welcome”

weigh ur pros n cons first…make sure it’s the right decide..

none-the-less u’ll tackle better strategies thru the 1 on 1 assbook…think once.only

and also if possible get a discount key-card from petsmart so ur pitt can get all the goodies n leashes her little heart desires… after ur gone!

blah…im a bitch…ur n a bitchy mode..ur a bitch..

..caused only from on hi readings of a psychic psychosomatic in Memphis, Tenn..

relaying messages only of death caused by a jealous whore from little Rock, AR,, who couldn’t quite deal with the competition…sad

now there she lies on her death bed, awaiting sentence,,hair-less..

her pride her beauty…

So never trust the transcendent…

don’t trust hoes n   paybacs a bitch, not me, ur upping’s..soon u shall meet.

something nice now…. roses are purposeful, violets smoke purp,, buy a rap CD…. n u’ve ultimately bought ur ticketing to heaven alongside some rap guys Bentley n gold grillz..

before u go …. if u would stop by n pick up my manic depressive throat,,  so i may lead all nations to him …. i’ll be at Walgreens n the photo lab, reviewing  my last n final roll,

       blessings to u my child…

–quote author unknown n worse off

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