Probably wont finish, never did.

Beginning Veils black, yet sheer, LOVE

Day after from u

the road to me, the AM with me

bothered? Never did:

dark love n gracious love

xstacy? Far beyond ..

not even needed: intimacy

the 1 hast been found, ..never did:

the sheer black veil fell solid

no road to me, no AM or PM

black stars fell on.. stripped love

yet still speaking thru solid black rock

ruby love could never prevail

the lion chose not the AIR.. never did:

in pure lustful selfish pride the air

proceedeth to the north..

with no winter fur n no boots, she froze

n fell..  far,  n still falling……….

Oh the black roar that never did: WTF

Y were u here?? If u never did:

N then as if it never was,

Black heart, brave heart? Bears heart’

Darkness shall bare ur future submissive


N ur mind will whisper u: ‘She Never Did’

When darkblack drips from within, darker

Black strikes ur tomorrow.

There was no syllabus, only a sheer black veil

Did u know? I didn’t.  did u ever? Never Did:

Pride down n aside, damnit.. I Did

       Days to months to year to date..

       U never did. (Pissing Junkie)


-quote author blackened*

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