Extended stay

Occupant: eternal

It cant jus keep knocking and u not answer

He cant keep knocking and u not answer

He’ll keep knocking until u answer

The pound bleeds ur heart

The pound shakes ur room

The sound breaks ur thought

Bound to ur mind

U don’t answer ur door

U cant…     reach the door…

The dishes rattle

The floor squeaks 

U certainly hear it    beat,

Ur one- room trembles

Like a shiver ,

N a northern nite….

“Breaking News”

‘there’s been  a quake

None like its kind a

6-pointer, no survivors….

“Reported  comma YET!”

Im here Help!!

Steal my mind,

So I cant stop u.

Ur not allowed n,

With my mind n control.

Soo rude of me….

U knock. Im here. I don’t answer??

U cant keep knocking  n  I don’t answer

Nite to day u stay n knock

What began as a tap,

Has come to a bang . . .

I think to my SelF

‘have u not another door to thump,

A bell to strike’

“Is there not blood above my door

That u might pass??”

The repetitiveness of ur  knock

The vibration of my chair

The annoyance of lifestyle

The hardening of change

Im sea sic, n im on dry land!

I need peace n quiet

But I haven’t let u n quite.. ..

Im comn..  im almost out these cuffs

N I pray lord  when I let u n lord, u stay lord

Ive made my bed for u to rest n.. . .

I pray u still recognize me

I pray my identity  still stands . . .

With u comes joy,

N with u I adore

Ur love will hold me

Heel me lord,

Keeeep me pleaseee

Make soft my heart

N place the evil on pause

For a sec.

U cant jus knock and I not answer

U r my new tenant,

U r not a guest

Uve knocked  n Ive answered

Please make ur bed

–Quote author unknown  yet open





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