A Day and a week ago

She turned me into the city..

So I don’t talk to her much     ..anymore

A virgo said “How Ghetto!”

But im like whatever “it happens to

The best of us’ lol

Now my babys gone>>>>>

I have no love of life now

Jus an empty urn ……

Leaving that whole behind

Gave me peace with n

,But only for a glimpse   …of relaxation

Cuz when one  falling closes,

Another failing day comes       quick..

An oh that day has come…

Deep down dim dayz..

Crowd my mind     ,at random speeds

N distinctive dayz

Oh, for some sort of calm   ,I pray

So I sit stair at 4 walls     n Swallow…

Im also a pediatric dummy   for father…

To hope one day my baby will return,

 I shall bond with a being, n he with me…

Oh joy for a day!!

But will never proceed

Not without falling first    N hard!

Only for privilege to say:

I died n’ rose

I layed down n came forth

I smoked turkey n ate ham

Then shall u liv n perfect harmony!

But only after tragedy n defeat

Cuz u cant attend ur own funeral

U wont be there,             coherent,

Everyone will be but u wont,     sorry’

Sadly that’s my only fear

‘To not be present’

Can I get an all access pass yo’

Tiny toddlers even need calm

Calling their mommys

Moving out their daddys  n

Denying their brothers n sisters

Selfishly corrupts them for life

Little lives occupy a generation to come

According to background,

They will liv forever.

So if lamps stay trimmed

N banquets stay jumping

Life will surpass..

A geriatric viewpoint on death

N fill u with life,

Of endless love,

N ur life which has jus begun

Can take hold the horns given

N jump first chance




Dart              Bus will take u there

1st stop Purgatory


–quote author unknown yet bitter


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