if it slants bac, ur weak

if slanted forward, ur positive

don’t ask ?  ?  about thee truth.

 If Id only wrote like that

Mine view pass the past

Perhaps candid vs MAJOR MOTION

Blooodspilld would’ve formed perfection,

2nd bloodbath ‘She Ready’!……

   didn’t write like that   thou..

L’s  n  O’s  n  V’s  n  E’s

Leaned    bac


Gave it up to all n the nite

Blacks, white s, circles, tab shapd

Squares  ..apart from Surgeon Generals Warning’

just didn’t know how to write!

Wallowing n selfish pity….

Made a friend, lost a friend

Dejected n astray.. I turned right,

N never wrote bac

H’s  n  A’s  n  PP’s  n  Y’s

Leaned  ahead

Bic inc. no longer mislead my finger

To gross points  

 land  of ache n disgrace…

The infinite Sharpie inc. proved again

Its consumers upright & hi performance*

   Now, I write like this,

Clear n w/o blemish

hopeful n steadfast

upon his return!

For my moment of clarity   n no ambiguity

Mine purpose was never to giv script the way given

Ink was running out?, dog ate it?, they never taught me?……

Cartridge jus happened to be black ink only,

Colors wouldn’t come for4mor years.. ..

N wit a price tag     $$4 ur soul, 000,000

‘But mine eyes saw the destruction of the wicked that rise up against me’

To hell with bic! n down with bald point pens!       Blasted fools!! Got me lean’n..

View’d pass the past


Uplifting my destiny…

The age has comprised a technology

Proving over time with skill n awareness

Dedicated minds can compress

A 1in by widthnheight, single letter square

On a platform filld with continual alphabet…

N generating of perfection upon first trial..

In respect, I giv thee, my unborn, the forename …..  SONY*

Ur road sought out clear as rain..

Never write like that, up there, again

Never write.period

Choose BradleyHand ITC from the font menu n TYPE IT!druknmaster

N pay me later, this here ain’t free              

                     …..Trick      , Pay ME


–Quote author unknown but paved


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