nevertheless she persisted

never to return nevertheless

Bac treading n water

Or water treatment

spontaneous blitz….n 3 days

or go to sleep hoe, if urgently tired ?

Cock open ur Ëyës… The Red blue n white glisten,  off road ..official

entrance to exhile,,n only particular rave favs…

Speedzone ruled 70mph…thee demon: ‘Zanovia’ demonstrated 120mph

don’t slowly skeet now..make continous confusion in character

Rõll roll rolling.. ur boat rõlled…..

come downstairs, get from VÎP..

particular party got u paralyzed …

‘U Phåt Åss’, assistance please:

Shïny lïghts up in rain°

Public tailored death design

Political rave favorite mess…

Bac treading n waters, deeply thou ….

ör Shining Crisp Apple Red…and an

Annual anal confrence …..

disgust growth risen,,never 2C again.

coming downstairs soon, can’t keep up    beat or the juicy glamour ..

possibly coming soon: Route144»» Speeding fines double when accompanied by an Adult….

May as well assume the position n tread bac to a place never Sèén

N pray to be assigned: Assistant Mayor…looser

–quote author lost n unknown

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