New News

I’ve come along way, against all odds, in which I’ve survived.
The roads I’ve been have gone every direction, with every road bump and blockage possible.
The words I write depict this exact route..up, down, bump, cautions, dips, wholes, bridges..
This journey spans over 14 years, therefore, I have stretched and grown my words over time… creating an academic odyssey..
So..I do hope you enjoy these words..some a bit odd, a bit off, a bit angry, a bit sad, a bit weird…however, I have learned over time that it has inspired – readers, onlookers…
triggering different emotions.  
Everyone goes through…. and things in life just go……
different times and different places..
I hope these words may disclose, narrate, and bring to light -a path, understanding, or just a smile for you.
If you feel the urge to express yourself, or your feelings, using the power in words.. please leave a comment and I will be in touch!
Thank You So Much!